Sephardic music

Sephardic music is music of Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages. It comes from Medieval Spain, or Sepharad, as it was called in Hebrew.
The end of the Musulman reign on the Peninsula (at the end of XVth century) and the expultion of Sephardi Jews was the cause why people emigrating from Spain took with them musical tradition from many centuries before. It has been preserved in oral way till today – it is still performed in the regions where those emigrants setlled down.
That is why Sephardic music is also influenced by music of the countries in which Sephardic Jews started to live after the expultion (mainly in the basin of the Mediterranean Sea).
  fot. Piotr Szymanik
fot. Piotr Szymanik
This complicated history gives the possibility to perform Sephardic music in many different styles, taking into account its Medieval roots or treating it as folk music, which is a vivid tradition in many countries.
„For many years Sephardic music has been the main field of activity in my artistic creation and I eagerly share this passion during concerts and while conducting singing workshops.”.
I invite everybody to look at my concerts and workshops proposals.

UNDER THE SKY OF SEPHARAD – it’s an offer of three different concerts of Sephardic music in different styles:

After each concert there is a possiblility to conduct a short vocal workshop / teach songs to the public. It is also possible to make a longer, separate workshop of Sephardic songs.

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