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Anna Jagielska-Riveiro, a charismatic singer, guitar player, voice coach and music producer. She sings in many styles, using various vocal techniques, but her interests are focused mainly on music from widely understood Jewish culture as well as on music from ancient Spain.
In her musical creation she gives a special meaning to Sephardic music. Her discography includes, among others, 4 CDs with Sephardic songs, recorded with different instruments and in various styles. The first CD with Sephardic songs: ALMOND TREES, which was recorded in a duo with the Sephardic singer Gerardo Ojeda-Ebert was published in 2000 by Universal Music.
Anna Riveiro is an internationally recognized artist and the only vocalist in Poland who is dealing with Sephardic music so deeply. Sephardic songs performed by her have been proposed to UNESCO in the range of the program concerning endangered languages.
She is often invited to international festivals connected with Jewish and in particular Sephardic music. For example in 2011 she gave a recital during the jubilee edition of the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SEPHARDIC MUSIC in Cordoba (Spain), where she was the first Polish singer to give a concert in this famous festival.
„Unique vocal abilities of Anna Riveiro and her stage charisma are apreciated by musical critics and more and more fans love her unforgetable interpretations of Sephardic songs”. In 2011 she was especially honored to perform at the opening ceremony of the only Sephardic Synagogue in Poland restored in Zamość and in 2012 she performed during the JAZZ JAMBOREE Festival in Warsaw as a star of Sephardic music.
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 Anna Riverio
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Anna Riveiro constantly gives concerts in Poland and abroad (she has performed in: Spain, Mexico, France, England, Italy, Germany and others countries) in collaboration with world famous musicians. She is the founder of the consorts: ANNA RIVEIRO Ensemble, MAAYAN and COMTESSA. She also gives concerts in a duo with the outstanding Polish guitarist–virtuoso Michał Pindakiewicz.
She is cooperating with numerous cultural institutions in Poland, among others with the Cervantes Institute in Warsaw and the Polish Radio PR 2, which gave their patronage for her CD with Sephardic songs: LUNAS OLVIDADAS. Her last CD, DOS AMANTES, recorded in the Concert Studio of the Polish Radio was the result of the project BAJO EL CIELO DE SEFARAD (UNDER THE SKY OF SEPHARAD) organized by Anna Riveiro with the cooperation of the Cervantes Institute, the Polish Radio and the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
Besides Sephardic music she performs Yiddish and Hebrew songs including Jewish liturgical repertoire. She sings also as a cantor – for example in the years 2012 and 2013, as the first woman-cantor in Poland she sang during the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) in the reform synagogue of Warsaw.
She has also performed at the the most important festivals of Jewish culture in Poland, among others: WARSAW SINGER Festival, JEWISH CULTURE FESTIVAL in Cracow and SIMCHA in Wroclaw.
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fot. Radek Rosiński
fot. Piotr Szymanik
Apart from Jewish music, artistic search of Anna Riverio goes towards ancient and traditional music, connected mainly with the culture of Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries. The artist has performed on renowned ancient music festivals as well as at ethno and world music festivals, for example: the ANCIENT MUSIC FESTIVAL in the Royal Palace in Warsaw, as well as XIX FESTIVAL DEL ORGANO BARROCO and Festival SAN MIGUEL CANTADOR in Mexico.
Besides concerts Anna Riveiro also runs courses and vocal workshops in Poland and abroad as well as she gives private lessons, among others, in the range of RIVEIRO Vocal Studio. The development of her vocal technique was particularly influenced through work with the eminent singers such as: Jadwiga Dzikówna (Poland), Evelyn Tubb (England), Montserrat Figueras (Spain) and the cantor Mimi Sheffer (Israel).
The artist speaks Spanish, French, Polish and English.
 fot. Piotr Szymanik

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